Stock Portfolio: New Pharmacy Images

This week’s portfolio update features a new set of images “At the Pharmacy”.  These new stock photos can, of course, be found in my collection of imagery at, and they expand upon a previous series I did.  This series is bright and colorful, and features a diverse group of models, including both Caucasian and Middle Eastern/African American, males and females, as well as younger and older models.  One of the main themes covered this time is the annual flu shot that so many get in local drug stores.  Also included are a few images of someone using coupons to shop, a popular practice these days, and a theme I will expand upon when I shoot some more Pharmacy images later this week.  These new images have lots of copyspace and a shooting style that would be good both for editorial usage and advertising.  You can see the newest images here.

Woman shopping with Coupons

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