Portfolio Update: The Boutique

It’s about time for a portfolio update of a new stock image series.  The Pinterest articles have proved popular, and in the last week or two, the mainstream media has started to pick up on the issues with Pinterest and copyright infringement, so a Google search shows plenty of views and opinions on the subject.  I will likely collect a batch of more up to date articles for fun reading later this week to post here.  So, back to the new image series, “At the Boutique“.

Several years agom, I had secured access to a cute, small local women’s clothing shop.  I got together a small group of models, and we did a series on shopping.  Looking back, I’m surprised how few images I seem to have published from that set.  So, I decided to revisit the theme with a new set of women in a different store, with a different style.  The models are varied in age, from 20s to 50s, and the group is ethnically mixed, with Caucasian, African American and Asian descents.  The new shop is very open and doesn’t emphasize a particular clothing style, so it should be applicable for most shopping advertising.  There’s lots of copy space as well to put up something like “dates of our sale” or “grand opening information”.  Here is a preview of the series, and to see more, click here.

Woman  with shopping bags in store.

Mother and daughter clothes shopping in store.

Saleswoman folding clothing in store.

Mature woman looking through clothes rack.

Women shopping for purses.

2 thoughts on Portfolio Update: The Boutique

  1. I was introduced to your blog through one of your links on iStock and just wanted to let you know how helpful it’s been. I’ve since privatized my Photobucket account after finding a bunch of my photos across the internet and reconsidered my decision to start submitting to Dreamstime. Thanks for the info and good luck with your boutique series – it’s fantastic!

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