Behind the Scenes for “Grass”

Last week I posted a portfolio update on my new series: “Grass”.  As a reminder, here’s one of the images:

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Couple lying in grass looking up.

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Today, I have a couple of “behind the scenes” shots.

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This grassy area is on the side of my house.  Most of the day it gets pretty good shade, so the hot Missouri sun hadn’t dried it out yet.  However, the issue was, how to get directly above the models.  I didn’t want to hang off the roof, as I have a particular fear of heights.  There’s no tree in the area to sit out on a branch in.  So, I had seen this portable scaffold unit at Lowes, but I wasn’t about to buy one for $300 just for this.  Instead, I found a local rental shop that had one, and, taken apart, it even fit in the back of my Ford Edge.

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We started shooting early, because the sun would eventually come up into the area, and so, I had to dry the dew from the grass so the model could lay down there.  I love dew!  Once that task was done, we were free to start shooting.  You can see I am wearing my Albert Pujols Cardinals shirt, which I am putting in the charity pile today.  Enjoy!

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(The reflector/scrim in that last one is to keep away the light that was bouncing off the house.)

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3 thoughts on Behind the Scenes for “Grass”

  1. It’s always amazing to see how much prep goes into shooting stock. Here’s me with a coffee cup and a table shooting white seamless crap. I think my concern is in going to this much effort without much payoff. Are all your models happy with the images being used for stock? I mean presumably they are as they’re all over iStock! It’s something I’ve always been a little uncomfortable discussing with models, your photo could end up anywhere!

    • Payoff is always a gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I think the models enjoy seeing themselves in ads and such (as well as the hourly pay), more than they are worried about being used against the license agreement.

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