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Portrait Lens

Occasionally (actually, frequently), on iStockphoto, or various other photography forums, people will ask “What’s the best lens for ______”.  Fill in the blank with your choice of “weddings”, “landscapes”, “portraits”, etc.  Most of the time, I don’t think these questions are easily answered as it depends on all kinds of other things – what kind of lighting we are dealing with, or the body/face type of the person, etc.  However, I thought I would throw out one suggestion for a […]

The Pinterest Latest

I haven’t been keeping a strong eye on the Pinterest copyright infringement situation lately, having a bunch of stock shoots and other work to do.  However, yesterday, it popped back up on my radar when one of my earlier comments was quoted on

Portfolio Update: Girl’s Youth Group

I’m really excited about this week’s portfolio update series.  The theme is “Girl’s Youth Organization”.  The series revolves around a multi-ethnic group of girls, in a casual uniform, being friends, doing crafts, getting awards, and other activities that would happen at a youth meeting.  These images can be used to represent leadership, volunteerism, creativity, or just fun!

Backyard Camping Image in Use

It’s great when you find your work being used, but to find an example just a week or two after unveiling a new series is a double thrill.   Last week I posted about my new summer backyard camping series at iStockphoto.

Portfolio Update: Backyard Camping

Oh, happy coincidences…  When I was planning out my new “Backyard Camping” stock photo series for licensing on iStockphoto, I had no idea that there was a national “Great American Backyard Campout” day sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation!

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