Portfolio Update: Backyard Camping

Oh, happy coincidences…  When I was planning out my new “Backyard Camping” stock photo series for licensing on iStockphoto, I had no idea that there was a national “Great American Backyard Campout” day sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation!

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On June 23rd, thousands of families like yours will come together for a night of exploration and fun as part of Great American Backyard Campout. All you need is a taste for adventure and a desire to share the great outdoors with your children.

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Even my neighbors pitched a tent Saturday night and slept outside.

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Well, June 23 is coming up, so I might be a bit late for this, but we’ve got the whole summer left to camp.  The series has images appropriate for both backyard camping, with a playset and fence in the background, as well as regular camping anywhere.  The two parent family and kids participate in setting up the tent, read books, play with a digital tablet and phone and cook hotdogs and marshmallows.  The father and mother have a sing-a-long, dad tells a scary story and the kids use a telescope to look at the stars.

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Check out these samples from the camping series below, and then click the link at the bottom for more ( even more to come in the next few weeks ).  Thanks!

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Mother and daughter backyard camping

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Backyard Camping

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Family Cooking Dinner by Tent

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Playing guitar by campfire

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Hearing a scary story by the campfire.

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