Back to School 2012

Boy, it’s funny how time flies.  I’d been looking at my portfolio on iStockphoto and realized my last stock shoot with elementary aged students and a school bus for “Back to School” was way back in 2007!  When that much time has passed, it’s time to refresh a series, at least for me.  My style has changed a bit, the kids have aged a bit, and revisiting a theme gives me a chance to hit some compositions I might have missed last time.

I’ve gathered up a multi-ethnic group of kids, aged 4-12, and put them into some situations and stock poses with a traditional yellow school bus.  There’s some images outside, using the bus as a backdrop, and some inside as well.  Lots of copyspace provides an easy place to drop text into.  The colors are vivid, and the people are real.  These would be great for upcoming advertising campaigns for back to school, or for posters or brochures on school related themes, like bullying or friendship.

Check some of the images out below, and find more on .  Thanks!



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