When iStockphoto is Down …

Sites on the web sometimes go down for maintenance, planned or not, much to everyone’s chagrin.  If you need to access iStock to get a comp (thumbnail for rough work) when the site is down, try using Google images, constrained to iStockphoto.  Like this:


The above search displays images from iStockphoto, with the search terms of “tailgating” and “sjlocke” (my username).  Substitute in whatever you like, in the link, or just follow the link and change the terms in the search bar.  You will then be able to hover over a resulting image and right click to save the comp for rough work.  This, however, will not give you a real clue as to how to find the image later, unless you use Google again.  If, instead, you click on the hovering image, it should link to, in this case, the iStockphoto maintenance page, with the image layered over it.  If you save that image, it will have the image number in it, which you can then later search on iStockphoto for.  At that point, you will be able to license the correct size of the image.

For example, one of my iStockphoto tailgating images, when following the steps above, can be saved as: “stock-photo-21023088-tailgating-male-needs-tickets-to-game.jpg” which obviously includes the searchable id number of the image.

To review, Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


By the way, stay tuned tomorrow, hopefully, for a look at the new Credit Card purchasing feature at iStockphoto.

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