Portfolio Update: Halloween 2012

Forgive the silence ’round these parts, but over this last weekend, I traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina for an excellent iStockphoto “mini-lypse” ( a weekend of stock shooting ), put together by Eric at VegaBlue Studios.  I might preview some of of the resulting images here next week, but if you’re in a spooky mood, you can always check out my facebook business page for a looky now.  Speaking of spooky, today’s portfolio update takes a look at some new Halloween images that have mysteriously appeared in my iStockphoto portfolio.

Last year, before Halloween time, I did a really fun shoot with a great group of kids dressed up in typical Halloween garb, out trick-or-treating.  Pirate, vampire, witch, 60’s girl and Wizard of Oz Dorothy.  There’s a mom and a dad as well.  Well, I went back through the set to see if there were any good shots missed in my processing go ‘rounnd, and I found a good handful, which are now available.

I’ve also created a new isolated series for 2012, with three Caucasian kids – 2 girls and one boy.  The overall color palette is red and black, as we have a vampire, pirate and little red riding hood.  These isolated on white images are great for ads and easy to drop into layouts.  They include flashlights, pumpkin candy baskets, and various full body poses.  Big smiles too.

Additionally, coming online are some new additions to my “table background” series.  These have a white table top background, and candy, candy corn, pumpkins, leaves and other Halloween motifs.  Also with these are some new tailgating party table backgrounds.  Now, these tailgating images have lots of copyspace, fun sports colors and props ( football jerseys, beads, and poms ) and best of all, tailgating food.  Smoked ribs, chicken wings, brats, sandwiches and beer will set the mood for any advertising or party use you might have.

Check all these out below and then use the links at the bottom to see the whole series.  Thanks!

Kids on Halloween Trick or Treating

Halloween witch

Candy corn background

Trick or Treating Toddler

Kids on Halloween in Line for Candy

Tailgating food.

Halloween kids looking at candy

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