iStockphoto Adds New UI Element to Search

Back on September 5th, iStockphoto revealed their new checkout process, which allows buyers to simply add content to a shopping cart, and then quickly check out with a credit card, instead of using a pre-paid credit plan.  Yesterday, they added a great piece of interface functionality to the site. 

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Now, when you do a regular search, or view a lightbox, you’ll see a new icon under each image to easily add that content to your shopping cart.  Almost like a temporary lightbox setup.  Once you click the icon, the window at the bottom right will pop up, alerting you that you have added something in.

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Two things.  First, make sure you watch for that pop-up box.  In my testing, the software was a bit slow to update with the addition.  Second, by default (and I haven’t found a way to change this), the size of the content, for photos at least, that gets added to your cart is “large” with a regular license.  So if you need a different size or license, go to the cart when you are ready, and use the edit buttons to modify those options.

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Thanks for sticking around during the site troubles.  I know the zoom functionality is still missing from the site, and I am working on a side project that may help you with that issue, at least for content in my portfolio.

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