Portfolio Update: Christmas Shopping 2012

With my stock image work, sometimes I like to plan ahead.  The leaves aren’t always going to be turning orange at the right time.  The Valentine candy isn’t always in stores.  And the Christmas season decorations aren’t up all year long.  That’s why I spent some time shooting fresh, new images last holiday season for this year’s advertising and editorial image needs.   I spotlit one of these series a few weeks ago, here.  Today, we’re looking at another series – Christmas Shopping.

Close by to my location, there is a great historical/antiquing/shopping area.  In the winter months, the garland and wreaths go up, along with all sorts of other decorations.  Normally, there are plenty of wedding parties and photographers running around in a nearby park (we spotted four different groups within five minutes recently), but not so much when it is chilly out.  So, on a weekday morning, it was the perfect time to shoot some holiday stock.  With permission from a family friend’s business to use as a background, I gathered a group of young adult Caucasian models, some holiday props like presents and gift bags, and set out shooting.  We did “couple” images, “girlfriends shopping” and some individual pictures.  I think we got some very usable commercial work out of this, with lots of Christmas colors, and copyspace for easy text drop in or cropping.  Here are some of the images below, and you can see more at this link.

Man and woman Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopper on a snowy day.

Christmas shoppers on cel phone.

Female Christmas Shopper

Man with Holiday Shipping

Christmas Shopper with Snow

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