From the monthly archives: November 2012

Ho, ho, ho, it’s the giving time of year.  Next week I’ll be kicking off my 2012 Charity Drive, based on my iStockphoto portfolio downloads.  By licensing work from my portfolio, you’ll be helping me donate money to three great causes.  Read on for more details…

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Welcome to AccordStock

On November 29, 2012 By

Eyeballs are what makes the world go around.  Specifically, the more eyeballs you can get onto your work, the better chance you have of selling that work, especially when it comes to stock content, like the kind I have in my portfolio.  So, for the last several months I’ve been working on a […]

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iStockphoto Scam Site

On November 27, 2012 By

Scams abound online.  Sure, we all know the old Nigerian ones ( I didn’t know I had so many relatives there! ).  Or simple fake email Paypal phishing ploys ( you’d think they’d at least spell correctly in those).  Sometimes, however, you have to scratch your head and wonder.  I’m talking about a […]

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2012 Charity Drive

On November 26, 2012 By

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  We were out of town, so we’re having Thanksgiving Thursday this week so I can cook up some goodness and have leftovers for a few days.  Who doesn’t love a turkey-stuffing-cranberry sauce, .etc sandwich.  Don’t forget the moist-maker!  Anyhow, back to business.  It’s the holiday season, and that […]

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Holiday 2012: Winter Time

On November 9, 2012 By

With the holiday season fast approaching, I’ve already profiled some of the new royalty free content that is appearing in my portfolio at iStockphoto.  Today, here’s a look at another part of my Holiday2012 series – these new images feature a young female adult in winter clothing, on a blue starry background […]

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First Time Sales Friday

On November 2, 2012 By

I don’t know whether it is holiday season buyers looking for an undiscovered treasure, or the iStockphoto Best Match sort algorithm pushing new files up a bit, but I’ve had quite a few first sales of both new and old images this week.   Low downloaded images can help give your business a boost from uniqueness […]

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