First Time Sales Friday

I don’t know whether it is holiday season buyers looking for an undiscovered treasure, or the iStockphoto Best Match sort algorithm pushing new files up a bit, but I’ve had quite a few first sales of both new and old images this week.   Low downloaded images can help give your business a boost from uniqueness – at least for a while.  Here’s a look at some images that people are licensing for the first time.

This image is from a new series with an American football referee.  I’d been wanting to do this for a while and finally found a local park that has a really nice public football field.  And we had a nicely overcast day, most of the time.

American Football Referee

This Santa image was initially shot back in 2010.  I reprocessed a few from this series recently, as I found I didn’t really like how warmly I had processed the reds and flesh tones.

Mean Old Santa

Happy Thanksgiving!  I picked a few more out from this series from last year that I hadn’t initially processed, and someone was in the mood for turkey this week.

Mother basting turkey.

Cheers!  There’s a buyer somewhere working on a New Year’s Eve promotion, methinks.

Woman with champagne.

From my extensive “exam room” series, here’s one with a mother consulting with her pediatrician.

Doctor and parent.

Looking ahead to Spring, someone grabbed this never-before-licensed image of a grassy area. I thought this would be more popular in the past – check out all that blank copyspace.

Empty field of grass.

Lastly, this one was from a series that I had shot in March two years ago, planning ahead.  I planned so far ahead, that I forgot I shot it, and just found it recently when looking for another image.  Merry Christmas!

Woman with stack of Christmas gifts.

I’ve got in the neighborhood of a thousand images that have never been downloaded in my portfolio.  Plus a ton of others with low counts.  See what you can find, if you’re tired of the same ‘ole same ‘ole.  Thanks!

One thought on First Time Sales Friday

  1. Hey Sean,
    When I was working in production we were always looking for shots that conveyed the idea of green, or green energy. Not everyone wants to use the grassy hill / blue sky Microsoft wallpaper-like background image for this. I’ll take a look, but that’s one thing I noticed a lack of a few years back I think someone could really capitalize on.

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