2012 Charity Drive Kicks Off Monday

Ho, ho, ho, it’s the giving time of year.  Next week I’ll be kicking off my 2012 Charity Drive, based on my iStockphoto portfolio downloads.  By licensing work from my portfolio, you’ll be helping me donate money to three great causes.  Read on for more details…

For the last few years, I’ve been running a charity drive during the holiday season.  You can read more by clicking here.  For example, last year, for every download from my iStockphoto portfolio during a certain business week, I put $.40 into the “pot” to be divided between three great charitable organizations.  This year, I’m still going to be donating to those same groups – Give Kids the World, Toys for Tots and the 100 Neediest.  Last year, you buyers helped me donate $800 to these three agencies.  This year, I am going to bump up the donation level.

Last year, for every download, $.40 went into the donation pot.  This year, for every donation between 12/3 and 12/7, inclusive, I will be addingg $.70 per download to the donation.  You may remember from earlier this week, that I have already sent $500 off to the Give Kids the World charity, due to a doubling of donations on Tuesday.  So, whatever amount we get over that amount, will be divided equally between Toys for Tots and 100 Neediest.  Well, I’ll probably go shopping for toys to give to TFT, and then put the rest towards 100 Neediest.

Anyways, it’s all in good spirits and hopefully you’ll remember to send or think of sending a small something to one of these groups, or your favorite cause.  I’ll update throughout the week, so keep an eye out.  Thanks!

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