Portfolio Update: Holiday Backgrounds

It doesn’t take a wizard to figure out that when a stock image series is successful, that you may want to continue producing images in that same vein.  That’s why I’ve created and am happy to share with you, some more more content in my series of “table top backgrounds“.

Now, these new images are made for advertising or flyers for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  I’ve created a new wooden “table top” for this series.  My two previous backgrounds were a white painted wood, and wood with more of a dark, mahogany color.  This new background is a more warm, natural wooden color, with some darker stain highlights.

My favorites in this series are the “letter to Santa” images.  These would be great to add some copy to, about a Christmas sale – there’s even a blank letter you can add your own text to.  Also, how about promoting that New Year’s Eve party with a background featuring confetti, champagne and noisemakers.  Add in a clock showing midnight, and you’re 98% there!  I’ve even made some Hanukkah backgrounds, with dreidels and a menorah – don’t forget, Hanukkah is next week (I’d like a membership in the Artisan Cheese Club, if anyone is looking for hints… 😉 Or, beer – that’s good too!).

So, if you need to do some holiday advertising for Christmas, New Year’s or Hanukkah, check out this new series below.  Thanks!

BTW, the download count for my 2012 Charity drive is up to 646 for the week.   That’s only $452 in the pot at this point.  Let’s go buyers!


Christmas Santa Letter Background

Christmas Light Background

Christmas Ornament Background

Hanukkah Holiday Background

New Year's Background

New Year's Background

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