2012 Charity Drive Wrap Up

The week is finished, the sales numbers are in, so let’s take a look at how this year’s charity drive based on my iStockphoto.com portfolio sales went for last week.

The total number of licenses sold during the business week from 12/3-12/7 was ……. 988 sales.  At $.70 a download towards charity, this works out to $691.60 .  I’m happy to donate this cash, but I’m very disappointed the sales weren’t higher last week, so I’m going to round this up to $750.  This is unfortunately less than 2011.  However, every little bit helps, so I’m going to subtract the $500 already given to Give Kids the World, and split the remaining $250 between Toys for Tots and 100 Neediest.

Thank you for your participation in my 2012 Charity Drive – have a happy holiday!

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