Portfolio Update: Home Gold/Jewelry Selling Party

How’d you like to find seven million dollars worth of gold in your garage?  I sure would!  However, we may not all have unknown cousins to leave it to us.  We may, though, have unused or unwanted jewelry laying about that has value, and that’s the theme of this new royalty free image series which can be found exclusively on Stocksy .

Something that has been going on around the United States ( at least ) is at-home jewelry selling parties.  A group of people ( normally women ), will get together at someone’s home, with a jeweler or other buyer, and bring along unwanted items to sell.  Old necklaces, rings from engagements or weddings that didn’t work, coins, etc.  It’s a social setting, with food and drink, and the group will celebrate any money they receive for their unneeded items ( and the organizer will get a cut ).  It’s almost like “found money”.

This new image series features a group of women with a respectable looking male jeweler/buyer, in the above social setting, in a modern living room/kitchen.  The timeline of the party is all there, from first having some wine, to bringing out the gold, the jeweler examining and valuing it, and then paying out the money to the excited attendees.  However, the images can also be used for any home business based web site or advertising, as there are several that are non-specific to the jewelry theme as you can see below.  Click here to see the series at Stocksy.  Thanks for looking!

stock photo woman with gold necklace at party

stock photo of jeweler at gold party

stock photo jeweler buying gold at party

stock photo woman holding cash at gold party







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