Monthly Archives: February 2013

iStockphoto Officially Holds Hands with Pinterest

About a year or so ago, Pinterest and copyright issues became a topic of discussion.  If you need more details on how Pinterest works and how it affects the photographer or stock contributor, you can read the aforementioned linked post.  Long story short, a user “pins” (copies) any image they find on the internet to the Pinterest servers, for viewing, sharing and hotlinking by the site’s users.  Yesterday, iStockphoto announced that they are going to officially maintain an active presence […]

Many Thanks

I just wanted to thank everyone for the supportive posts and words dealing with my announcement yesterday.  It’s great to see that there’s still a community out there. If you’ve emailed or facebook’ed (?) a direct message, I’m working through them all, trying not to miss anything.  If I take more than a few days, though, try me again 🙂 .

A Change in Things

Let’s get the important news out of the way first.  On Friday, February 8th, I was given notice by Getty Images that they were terminating our “relationship” and my account at iStockphoto would be closed in 30 days.  Well, that was a great way to end the week, eh? What ?!? Yes, honestly I was surprised and caught off guard as well.  As one of the top 5 contributors at iStockphoto, having been there since August of 2004, with over […]

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