Many Thanks

I just wanted to thank everyone for the supportive posts and words dealing with my announcement yesterday.  It’s great to see that there’s still a community out there.

If you’ve emailed or facebook’ed (?) a direct message, I’m working through them all, trying not to miss anything.  If I take more than a few days, though, try me again 🙂 .

14 thoughts on Many Thanks

  1. It’s not how a man (corporation) treats their equals that shows who they are, it’s how they treat their subordinates that shows their true nature.

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for all the insightful info. I only started submitting stock last year March and its been pretty good. I have had this niggle however about having all my eggs in one basket. I’m going to start probing other options now. I’ll be following you blog to see what you have planned 🙂

    Thanks again dude!

  3. There’s still a community out there, and it’s strong, no matter the false impression some executives may have sometimes. Community is what makes this business strong (or weak) after all.

    Things will work out eventually, nobody can fight against common sense.

    Keep it up and keep shooting!

  4. Would this not fall under the whistleblower law if you chose to follow up more? I would think Getty could be in deep do-do having terminated two of their top people. However, as others have said, it’s probably a blessing in disguise after all. Good luck.

  5. You have been a role model for me since I joined IS. Even though the recent developments have been very depressing, I hope everything goes well for you. Life still goes on after all. Take GOOD care of you.

  6. I have been a microstocker since 2005, and have often enjoyed your postings on iStock and MSG. You are so sensible, unwavering, and funny. I find Getty’s/iStock’s treatment of you egregious, but knowing you have a great work ethic, artistry, and talent, hope your dark days are few while you and your family seek to build viable business paths for your work. You have so much to offer and deserve all that success can bring.

    I once worked for an airline that went bankrupt… it led to my going back to school (which I might have not otherwise done) and I eventually became a physician. Some scary in between days, but if you maintain confidence in yourself, stay true to those you care about, maintain your integrity, and work hard, you will come through this in much better shape than you might have even imagined. I wish all the best to you and your family.

  7. Sad to say but it is only going to get worse unless/until pressure is put on the users of iStock/Getty stock to stop using their services until photographers are treated fairly. These users are, in large part, creatives themselves and should feel a common bond. There are scads of mailing lists/email lists w/ all their info, so they are easy to reach out to. Just a thought.

  8. hey, I see that you are still in Istock, I hope you come to some sort of an agreement with them as we already missed you in the forums…

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