Monthly Archives: March 2013

Portfolio: Travel / Airport Series

A few weeks back, I had previewed a new series here themed on travelers at the airport.  At that time, I couldn’t mention where these images would be available, but as of now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that they were being placed at the new royalty free stock agency, Stocksy . xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy ambien online without prescription valium online without […]

Missing In Action

Due to my recent parting of the ways with my previous stock content distributor, you may have gone back to find an image of mine there, and found yourself out of luck.

License Price Drop

“High qualtiy royalty free images at up to 75% off!”  If you read that, you’d likely be somewhat interested in the details.  Well, these details are going to save you some big money, and that’s a savings that can be passed on to your client, which will keep them happy and get you more business.  So, what am I talking about here?  Of course, it has to do with the brand new stock content licensing site, Stocksy. 

A Fresh Start

Starting today, you’ll be able to license my royalty free stock photo content at two locations.  These locations are great both for the contributor, and for the buyer.  My current offerings are somewhat smaller than what was at the previous location, as I am still working through my existing library, re-processing, keywording and uploading. The first location, and the most exciting for me, which you may have heard of, is the new artist co-operative stock licensing site, Stocksy, at […]

Goodbye iStockphoto

Back in early 2004, we at Disney Feature Animation Florida discovered that we were going to be laid off.  The studio was being closed, and all animation was going to be done at the California studio.  I left my favorite job as a Computer Graphics Model Technical Director to move to Missouri and work at Boeing as a Database Engineer, doing flight simulator graphics (my wife’s family lived in the area).  Looking for a creative way to make some extra […]

Sneak Preview of New Graduation Series

Well, we’ve traveled around the school year calendar yet again.  “Back to School” is my favorite time of the school year.  Shopping for supplies, meeting teachers, the ongoing hope of the kids getting straight A’s.  However, all good things come to an end, and graduation signifies a momentous change in life.  Either kids are moving on to college away from home, or young adults are moving from college out into the real world.  Graduation is about hope, friends, confidence and […]

Preview of New Baby Series

Not too much breaking news today, but I wanted to preview a few images from a new royalty free stock series that will be appearing soon.  You may have seen a few others from this series at my Sean Locke Photography Facebook page.  By the way, feel free to “like” that page to keep in contact – I like to keep my personal “friend” list to relatives and people I’ve met in person.  Back to the series, which features a […]

Portfolio Availability

To anyone concerned, or interested, my portfolio will continue to be licensed on iStockphoto for a couple more weeks, due to a technical issue.  That’s fine, because the extra income will help in the upcoming dry spell when it is no longer there.  Thanks.

Airport Preview

The other day, in my behind-the-scenes post about my recent “At the Airport” stock photo session, I mentioned I would put up some preview images this week from this new series.  Below, I present just a few for your approval 🙂 .  I just wanted to point out a new model that participated in this session, who is in the last photo, a pretty young woman with an Indian background.  I hope to include her in more of my future […]

Behind the Scenes of Upcoming Series

I have certainly been busy lately, revisiting the processing and keywording of many of my stock images series, for a transition away from their current home and into some new digs.  That’s just several weeks away and thanks to everyone for their support and suggestions.  However, I’ve got a great new series I can’t wait to turn loose, so today I thought I’d post a few behind the scenes shots from this series “At the Airport”.

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