Behind the Scenes of Upcoming Series

I have certainly been busy lately, revisiting the processing and keywording of many of my stock images series, for a transition away from their current home and into some new digs.  That’s just several weeks away and thanks to everyone for their support and suggestions.  However, I’ve got a great new series I can’t wait to turn loose, so today I thought I’d post a few behind the scenes shots from this series “At the Airport”.

I’d been trying to set up this stock image shoot for almost a year, and finally managed to secure a workable date.  Certainly, it is tough to rent out an entire airport terminal 🙂 .  Things came together in mid-January.  Now, this was sort of a large area, with two levels, so I got a photographer/model friend of mine to perform as assistant for me, helping with lights and props, and 2nd shooting a bit.  These images were shot by Rachel, also known as Apricot Studio.  Here, you can see the interior of the airport and all the great opportunities it presented.

The above was one of the first setups we did, with the ticketing area as the background.  In this next shot, you can see me looking particularly assertive.  Normally, I don’t come across as this grumpy.

I had a great multi-ethnic group of models, including some new people who did wonderfully as the “businesspeople”.   I also assembled “the family”, as well as “the flight crew”.  As we moved through the four hour shoot, one of the areas we shot in was the security queue area.  Due to TSA rules, I couldn’t shoot the actual screening equipment, but we did get some images that will certainly be usable to illustrate that area of an airport.  This is from that area, but in this shot, you can’t tell.

As I stopped by the studio that morning before the shoot, I glanced at my costume rack, and noticed one of my military uniforms.  I thought it might come in handy, so I brought it along, just in case.  In this last image, you can see the setup we were working on, in the baggage claim area.

Well, that will give you an idea of what to look forward to, towards the end of March.  I will post some more previews this week of images from the series, and when ready, will provide more previews, and links to where you can license these airport images royalty free.  I think you’ll find them useful for both advertising and editorial use, so keep an eye out.  Thanks!

13 thoughts on Behind the Scenes of Upcoming Series

  1. Nice to see you in action here ! also nice to see that you can still afford to rent a “piece” of the airport. Enjoy your new pay raise and keep shooting ! I’ll certainly have some of my King of STL photos online for you to look at by summer too… take it easy !

    • There was another light as well, but honestly, the place was almost bright enough to shoot without. The lights were mostly for accent.

      • Yes looks that way. How did you get access anyway? The airports here come down pretty hard on even casual snappers in most areas.

  2. I’m blown away by your talent, and persistence and dedication. The stock company that won’t be mentioned did a very unprofessional thing by their treatment of you and it makes me ashamed of them. I’m following your blog and Facebook page very closely.

  3. I’m not sure about this, but if I remember correctly The guy in uniform kneeling would not be considered in proper uniform with those shoes. Don’t know if you even have his feet in your shot, but just in case….

    • Yes, I have boots that I didn’t actually bring, so it was framed so as to be knees up for the most part.

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