Sneak Preview of New Graduation Series

Well, we’ve traveled around the school year calendar yet again.  “Back to School” is my favorite time of the school year.  Shopping for supplies, meeting teachers, the ongoing hope of the kids getting straight A’s.  However, all good things come to an end, and graduation signifies a momentous change in life.  Either kids are moving on to college away from home, or young adults are moving from college out into the real world.  Graduation is about hope, friends, confidence and a little bit of fear. 🙂  So, here’s a look at a new graduation themed royalty free stock series.

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This series features a multi-ethnic group of models outdoors, after a graduation ceremony.  The large group is dressed in the traditional cap and gown, and carry two different kinds of diplomas, for variety.  A rolled up paper diploma, and a more traditional portfolio encased one.  These young adults are in casual shots, hanging out with friends, and more posed images.  There are also quite a few with “mom and dad”, who couldn’t be prouder of the kids’ accomplishment.

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I’m very excited to turn this series loose.  You’ll find it available next week exclusively at Stocksy  .

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