A Fresh Start

Starting today, you’ll be able to license my royalty free stock photo content at two locations.  These locations are great both for the contributor, and for the buyer.  My current offerings are somewhat smaller than what was at the previous location, as I am still working through my existing library, re-processing, keywording and uploading.

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The first location, and the most exciting for me, which you may have heard of, is the new artist co-operative stock licensing site, Stocksy, at stocksy.com.

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The smiling guy in the image is Bruce Livingstone, the founder of iStockphoto and Stocksy.  As I mentioned, Stocksy is an artist co-operative, where all contributors will have their “piece of the pie”, and will be able to help shape the company going forward.  Best for contributors is a fair %50 royalty rate on regular sales and 100% of extended licenses.  As well, profits at year-end are distributed back to the contributors.  What a great way to motivate the contributor base to get out there and make some of the best imagery possible.  This is just a win for contributors and a win for buyers.

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Best for buyers, though, is a curated collection of high quality content from a collection of hand-picked contributors.  From my more commercial style to current magazine looks and timeless compositions, the buyer will be sure to find something interesting and perfect for their project, especially as the collection grows.  Also great for buyers, is a straight forward pricing set up.  It will be simple to buy and know what you’re paying for your content.  The site is modern, fast and will be easy to grow as buyer needs and wants are ascertained.

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A majority of my higher priced collection content from the previous location, as well as some great new content, will now be found at Stocksy.  This is the only place you are going to find it.  Stocksy is image series exclusive.  If you want content from the Airport, or the Pharmacy, or my Tailgating Party series, you’ll need to start shopping at Stocksy.  Here’s a little preview.

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Stocksy is now open.  You’ll find my portfolio at: stocksy.com/profile/sjlocke

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The other place you’ll find my non-exclusive stock imagery will be at GL Stock Images.

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At GL Stock images you’ll find a different selection of my popular content.  Backgrounds, isolations, concepts, and more.  I chose GL Stock Images as my other initial outlet, because it also pays a fair royalty to the contributor (%52), and I think it has an overall great buyer experience.  The site is clean and fast, the prices are affordable, and it has a wide range of content available.  Here’s a peek at my uploaded work.

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There is a lot more content of mine to come to GL Stock Images, and I’ll be telling you more about Stocksy, GL and any other new (for me) outlets in the upcoming days.   Thanks so much for your interest, and I hope you will take the time and effort to patronize these new and sustainable stock licensing sites.

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3 thoughts on A Fresh Start

  1. Good luck in this next phase of your imaging life. Though I dont think you will need much luck really. Talent will out … Best wishes. Kieran

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