License Price Drop

“High qualtiy royalty free images at up to 75% off!”  If you read that, you’d likely be somewhat interested in the details.  Well, these details are going to save you some big money, and that’s a savings that can be passed on to your client, which will keep them happy and get you more business.  So, what am I talking about here?  Of course, it has to do with the brand new stock content licensing site, Stocksy

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As you know, until recently, I licensed my stock content on .  There, you could find some of my higher end content in the Agency and Vetta collections.  For example, the image below had been placed in the Agency collection.

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As you can see, images in the Agency collection start at around $100 for the smallest image  and the largest size will run $400!  Now, Agency files include the legal guarantee extended license which would normally run $175 on a regular image, but to tell the truth, I’ve never heard of a client partaking of the benefits of that guarantee.

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Now compare that $400 image with the same image at it’s new location, on

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That’s right.  You can get the largest sized image for the same price you would have paid last week for the small.  This pricing isn’t just on a few images either.  You can get every one of my high quality, concept and lifestyle images that are being licensed at for those prices.  There is one pricing level with those four sizes available.  There aren’t any price sliders needed, you’ll already know what every image there will cost to license.  It’s clean, it’s easy, and the collection on Stocksy is tightly edited.  You won’t waste time picking through questionable imports from other sites.

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Simple, beautiful and sustainable.  Check out right now.

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6 thoughts on License Price Drop

  1. Hi Sean,

    Best of luck at Stocksy and your future endeavors. I am now purposely looking to buy artwork from you and others that were mistreated and kicked out of iStock. However I came across a small problem at Stocksy. When I searched for your name (and others) on Stocksy after reading your post about your separation with iStock I was sent to empty search results page:

    You might want to ask the Stocksy crew to improve the search results so that it can include photographers names in the results.

    Best regards,

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