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A few weeks back, I had previewed a new series here themed on travelers at the airport.  At that time, I couldn’t mention where these images would be available, but as of now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that they were being placed at the new royalty free stock agency, Stocksy .

Below, I’m highlighting a few of my favorite images from this shoot.  We rented out an airport terminal for the mid-day, and used a variety of locations within.  The multi-ethnic group of models shot at the ticketing counter, at the escalator / breezeway, at the security area, and also in the luggage / baggage claim.  We did business images in suits and casual wear, with cell phones and laptops.  Also, there are some family images, including waiting for a flight with an mp3 player or digital tablet.  There are also just individual traveler images as well.

This series has a lot of copyspace, making it easy to drop in text.  Not only would it be useful for advertising campaigns for a specific product, it could be used on any article or ad dealing with the travel industry.  The images are bright but tempered, modern and easily communicate the theme and location of the image.  Quick interpretation of the subject is key when you only have a few seconds of the viewer’s eyes.

I hope you enjoy this series and find it useful, and thanks for shopping at one of my new distribution sites, Stocksy .

woman with lost luggage


traveller on escalator at airport


man with laptop at airport

woman checking ticket at airport

boy gets pin from captain

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