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Series Added to Photoshelter

Yesterday I discussed that I am now licensing my work on my own personal site at Photoshelter, as well as other locations, which are listed on my Stock Photography page here.  Today, I’ve discovered they have a WordPress pluging that makes it easy to showcase content in a blog.  So, I’m going to try it out by highlighting some more of my work that can be found there. xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without prescription […]

Now Licensing on Photoshelter

Several months ago, I had done some work on creating a site to showcase my work, which was based on an off-the-shelf stock agency software package.  I did this to offer buyers an additional way to search my stock content, and to get some valuable SEO that might head over to my image distributor (at the time).  I also thought building it on an platform like that would be good, because I could easily turn it into a selling platform […]

Mother’s Day 2013

Mother’s Day is coming up!  Sunday, May 12th marks the day for breakfast in bed, handmade cards, flowers and lots of love for Mothers everywhere.  Over on the new royalty free stock photo site, Stocksy, I’ve got a set of new Mother’s Day images that should prove useful for any advertising campaign or editorial article.

BBQ Shoot: Behind the Scenes

I had someone ask about the lighting setup in my recent Barbeque Restaurant stock photo shoot.  So I thought today would be a good day for a few behind the scenes images which can better illustrate, than me talking about it.

Portfolio Update: Barbeque Restaurant

Let’s start off the week right, with a look at a new royalty free stock series, available exclusively ( sorry iStockphoto/Getty ! 😛 ) at Stocksy, the new photographer co-operative stock photo agency.  You know I’m from St. Louis, and here in STL, we love our barbeque.  This is probably due to our proximity to the Kansas City stockyards.  Maybe it’s to do with us being “Gateway to the West“, and all the travelers bringing their favorite “Q” to town.  […]

Getty Images Still Up to Old Tricks

At it’s base, licensing stock photography would seem to be simple, at least from the photographer’s point of view.  You shoot, you upload to an agency (or your own site), and an end-user licenses the work.  Unfortunately, as we have seen lately, industry behemoth, Getty Images, keeps coming up with new “initiatives” to try and squeeze every cent they can from their contributor’s work, even when the contributor clearly doesn’t want to be a part of such schemes.

More Favorite Series in a New Place

Yesterday, I visited some of my popular stock image subjects and themes that buyers have emailed me asking for, since my recent change in distribution.  Today, I’ll point out a few more popular series with links to the new location on Stocksy (the entire “shoot”, which is a nice feature!).

Favorite Series Now on Stocksy

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of contact from buyers looking for a certain image or series that they had previously been interested in licensing, but that was now not available at that original location.  Today, I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite themes and subject series from past shoots that you can now find on Stocksy, the new photographer friendly co-operative stock licensing site.

Stocksy, the License Agreement, and You

Stocksy is a new entrant to the wide, wide world of stock content agencies online.  The content on Stocksy is sold with a Royalty Free License to buyers, who then use it in their projects.  With the unique and interesting collection that is growing at Stocksy, there may be buyers who are not used to an RF license agreement, or who are interested in the details of this specific agreement.  Lets take a look at the CLA (Content License Agreement)…

Portfolio: A New Graduation Series

Happy April Fool’s Day!  No fooling around here, though.  A week or so back, I previewed a new “High School/College Graduation” series here on my blog.  This multi-ethnic model group features a large group of teens and their “parents” on graduation day.  They are hanging with their friends, checking out their new diplomas, taking photos to remember the day, and so on.  Since Stocksy is now alive and kicking, I wanted to do a real portfolio update here, with live […]

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