Portfolio: A New Graduation Series

Happy April Fool’s Day!  No fooling around here, though.  A week or so back, I previewed a new “High School/College Graduation” series here on my blog.  This multi-ethnic model group features a large group of teens and their “parents” on graduation day.  They are hanging with their friends, checking out their new diplomas, taking photos to remember the day, and so on.  Since Stocksy is now alive and kicking, I wanted to do a real portfolio update here, with live links.

By the way, you may have been wanting to use images from an old graduation series of mine that used to be on that other site.  I know it was very popular, and some of them sold every day.  Soon, you’ll be able to find that older series on GL Stock Images, at their lower price point.  However, these new image are available right now on Stocksy, and have a larger group of models, different styling and new compositions.  There are Caucasian and African American models as the students, as well as several parents.  Please, jump in and take a look at the series, and patronize Stocksy, a photographer co-operative group, which is concerned with creating sustainable careers.  The pricing is comparable to other per image agencies, and you’re going to find exclusive content there that you won’t find anywhere else.

Including this new graduation series!

Friends at graduation

African American Graduate

Group of Graduates with Diplomas

Graduate Friends

Graduate with Funny Hat


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