Favorite Series Now on Stocksy

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of contact from buyers looking for a certain image or series that they had previously been interested in licensing, but that was now not available at that original location.  Today, I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite themes and subject series from past shoots that you can now find on Stocksy, the new photographer friendly co-operative stock licensing site.

First, one of my favorite shoots from recent times is this “Sports/Football Tailgating Party”.  It features a multi-ethnic group of models, having a tailgate party outside a sports arena.  The series includes people selling tickets, playing football, cooking and eating a great spread of food, and some fun cheering pose setups.  This series has copyspace, bright colors, and clear, easy to read subject matter.  These are not all online yet – more will be available towards the Autumn.

football fans at a tailgating party

The next series is my “Girl’s Youth Group” series.  I loved shooting this set of images.  It’s about a fictional girl’s youth organization, and I created the uniform and the activities at the meeting on my own.  They are wearing vests with custom designed patches.  The story of the scouting group includes a necklace with beads that symbolize achievements within the organization.  In the same sense, they can earn the stars on their vest patches.  The Caucasian and African American girls have an adult volunteer leader that helps them with arts and crafts, orienteering with a map and compass, and the games.  Afterwards, we all had hot dogs, too, but that was off camera.

girls in youth group playing games

Next we have my very extensive “Physician’s Exam Room” series.  Now, this series includes several different shoots, with different doctors, nurses and patients across the series.  The multi-ethnic professional group includes models as a Pediatrician, Obstetrician, Radiologist and General Practitioner.   The patients range in age from 10 months to 60.  There’s really something in this series for anyone looking to do advertising with a medical angle.  The colors are modern but muted, the lighting is realistic and not overblown.  Take a look, and I’m sure you’ll like what you see.

doctors and patients in exam room

Finally today, a cute “family” shoot, on a Spring day, in front of a house.  A Caucasian mother and father and three children welcome the growing season by doing some potting and planting of begonias, marigolds and other annuals.  It’s a “get your hands dirty” kind of even, and there are a variety of shots, from candids to more posed as well as central framing to more space for copy.  These would be good for any kind of article about Spring planting, or even advertisements for flowers or gardening tools.

Tomorrow, I’ll take a look at some more (of my and buyer’s) favorite series that are now available on Stocksy.com .

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