More Favorite Series in a New Place

Yesterday, I visited some of my popular stock image subjects and themes that buyers have emailed me asking for, since my recent change in distribution.  Today, I’ll point out a few more popular series with links to the new location on Stocksy (the entire “shoot”, which is a nice feature!).

The first took a lot of work to set up.  It was trouble finding a commercial airliner to shoot in, but eventually I managed to get hold of one.  I put together a group of Caucasian, African American, and Asian American models to be flight crew and passengers, and it was off to the wild blue yonder.  The series includes some posed images with the crew, as well as more candid shots.  The flight crew demonstrates safety procedures and helps passengers.  The passengers watch movies on their media device, sleep and have a snack.  Lots of copyspace in some of these for easy text drop in.  I also re-processed many of them to give the image a more modern style.

flight attendant on plane

Next is educational themed shoot.  This multi-ethnic group of students and teacher was shot in a local private high school, so the environment is authentic.  The group is in the atrium, the halls and the classroom, interacting, texting and learning.  The teenagers did a great job and were fun to work with.

high school students

One of my favorites is “At The Bar”.  This group of Caucasian and African American models spent the morning acting like it was happy hour, pouring drinks, toasting, having a bachelorette party and just generally having fun in a restaurant/bar atmosphere.  The bartender image include drinking and driving themes, as well as some involving checking identification.  The patrons raise a glass, take photos of friends and flirt with the opposite sex.

girls raise a toast in a bar

Last for today is “Summertime Family Swim Day”.  Good for advertisements for pool builders or pool supply distributors, or even a hotel or other facility offering swimming.  This young family floats, plays and has a great time on a sunny summer day in a sparkling blue backyard in-ground pool.  Kids and parents play chicken and splash to keep cool.  Lots of copyspace in this series as well.

girl floating in pool

Thanks, and I’ll have a few more series to look back at, next week.

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