Portfolio Update: Barbeque Restaurant

Let’s start off the week right, with a look at a new royalty free stock series, available exclusively ( sorry iStockphoto/Getty ! 😛 ) at Stocksy, the new photographer co-operative stock photo agency.  You know I’m from St. Louis, and here in STL, we love our barbeque.  This is probably due to our proximity to the Kansas City stockyards.  Maybe it’s to do with us being “Gateway to the West“, and all the travelers bringing their favorite “Q” to town.  Whatever.  Who doesn’t like some good barbeque?

When I was thinking up new ideas for subjects for my exclusive stock portfolio for Stocksy, I realized I don’t have a restaurant series, and what says fun and good times in a restaurant then people gathered around for ribs and cornbread and the rest?  We’ve got a great new place in town that includes treats like a maple bacon crunch milkshake, if you can believe it (it’s awesome!).

So, I gathered up a multi-ethnic group of Caucasian, African-American and Indian-American models, ordered up a few tables full of food and drinks, and spent a few hours creating a new series.  There’s a friendly server in the group, helping to choose from the menu, kids chewing on baby back ribs, and a group of friends celebrating the occasion with mixed drinks and a variety of beers.  This series is light on the processing (except for one image), with clean colors and lots of copyspace.  Lighting is natural and not overly bright or fake.

Take a look at some of the images below, and then click here to see the entire series at Stocksy!

friends sharing bbq dinner

girl having bbq ribs

girl taking photo of food

boy eating ribs

friends toasting with drinks

5 thoughts on Portfolio Update: Barbeque Restaurant

  1. I have no doubt that your a wonderful photographer, but your watermark is killing your photos. I personally don’t like them as a whole because of your giant in-your-face logo.. I may be the only one.

    I think there are other options rather then trying to make it so people cant steel your images.

    • Are you talking about the Stocksy logo? These images are linked from my portfolio there, and include the general Stocksy circle. It’s a theft deterrent and a promotional thing. The purpose of the updates is to inform buyers of updates and new work, so I don’t see it as a turnoff, really.

    • If you can’t spell ‘steal’ then who’s gonna take you seriously anyway. Have to get used to the real world dude, logos are there for a reason and the photographer is not responsible for them…

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