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Seven Reasons To Try Out Stocksy

You’ll have to forgive my silence over the last week.  We took the kids and drove down to our old stomping grounds of Walt Disney World to have a little fun before a hectic summer.  A summer where I’ve got at least four stock photo shoots I am working on for my portfolio over at Stocksy .  So, today, I thought I would list out some reasons why you should head over there an give Stocksy a try for your […]

More Royalty Free Stock Photos at 20% Off

Last week, I told you about a promotional discount code that you can use at the new Royalty Free Stock Photo agency, Stocksy – click here to read.  This week, to accompany that code, and to compliment it, I’m putting out a discount code for my personal stock collection, hosted at Photoshelter, which will you save you 20% off the current pricing! 

Stocksy – Try it Out for 20% Off

You’ve heard about the new royalty free stock agency Stocksy, right?  Been wanting to try it out, but your client is the thrifty type?  Which is too bad, since you want to WOW them with an awesome image to lead their campaign?  Well, here’s your chance to show them what they are missing.  How about 20% off your first purchase at Stocksy?

Latest Images Sets on Photoshelter

Today is another showcase of the latest image series I’ve put up onto my personal Photoshelter royalty free image licensing site, as well as my other distribution sites, which you can find on my “stock photography” page.  Due to my trust in my previous distributor, I did all of keywording and other meta-data entry directly into their system.  Now, I’m going back to all my images and entering the information into the images with Adobe Bridge, so I can easily […]

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