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iStockphoto Drops “Exclusive” Label

Boy, talk about timing.  Just yesterday, I mentioned the whole “exclusive not exclusive” issue they are having over at iStockphoto, which I’ll describe further.  Now, iStockphoto has pretty much removed any reference to the exclusive status of an artist, instead relying on statement that is quite often false, to try and lure the buyer in.  Thinking the content is only actually available on the iStockphoto site, they will not look elsewhere for pricing options. xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without […]

iStockphoto Angers Contributors, Confuses Buyers

iStockphoto has recently been dealing with several issues that have impacted both the buyer and contributor side of things.  I guess I can consider myself lucky that I don’t have to deal with these things, since they terminated my agreement back in April for no particularly good reason.  However, these issues are causing contributors and buyers consternation, so today we take a look at the recent collection changes, and “exclusive, not exclusive”.

stock photo photographer in greenhouse

BTS: Nursery Shoot

Earlier this month, I profiled a new stock image series that is being licensed exclusively through Stocksy.  This series, “At the Nursery/Garden Center” has a group of models browsing and shopping inside a large greenhouse.  Today, I’ve got a few behind-the-scenes images from that shoot.

Portfolio Update: Independence Day Parade

Over at the new stock photo agency Stocksy that I license my images at, we got word that a designer was looking for some patriotic, flag-waving, American content.  Things like parades or other events that depict summertime fun in the USA.  So I quickly scheduled one of my stock photo sessions to get some content up that would satisfy the need.  Today, I’m featuring my “At the Independence Day Parade” series.

Sometimes “Free” Isn’t Such A Great Deal

My business is licensing creative imagery to designers and other buyers that need content for their work.  I don’t “sell pictures” – what stock photographers do is create a license, a set of terms, that grants certain rights to another to use a piece of content.  Now, licenses to use my work are not free, despite the misleading catch-all title of “royalty free” for this general style of licensing.  The royalties I receive for my work supports my business and […]

Portfolio Update: Father’s Day

Back I April, I featured some of my new Mother’s Day images that were shot exclusively for Stocksy, my current favorite royalty free stock image partner.  Well, you can’t have a mother, without having a father as well, at least in some sense.  So today, we’re looking at a new series of Father’s Day images, and a couple of older ones as well.

Giant Novelty Check Template

My stock image collection on my personal Photoshelter site is growing by the week, as is my portfolio at agencies like GL Stock Images.  Today, I realized that people are searching for something and I hadn’t yet made it available for licensing.  So, now it is 🙂 .

Portfolio Update: At the Nursery / Garden Center

It’s been more than a month since I’ve done a portfolio update about a new stock image series.  I’ve been busy adding meta-data to my existing images so I can upload them to my personal stock site, and other locations listed on my stock photography page here.  I have carved out some time to schedule some new shoots though, and I’m really happy to highlight this new series, “At the Nursery / Garden Center”, which you’ll find exclusively on Stocksy, […]

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