Giant Novelty Check Template

My stock image collection on my personal Photoshelter site is growing by the week, as is my portfolio at agencies like GL Stock Images.  Today, I realized that people are searching for something and I hadn’t yet made it available for licensing.  So, now it is 🙂 .

I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog for text like:

  • novelty bank check
  • giant check
  • oversize check template

I can only assume what is bringing them here was this article from 2010 which was a tutorial on how to add text to my “giant check” images.

Isolated on white background series of a Caucasian man with an oversized bank check. (Sean Locke)

However, I’ve been remiss in actually adding the template of the giant check to any of my distribution sites.  Well, now, you can license it from either my Photoshelter collection, or from my portfolio at GL Stock Images.  Here’s what the check template looks like:

Blank check, designed from scratch.  Numbers are fake. (Sean Locke)

If you’re a charity, presenting a donation, or an organization awarding a cash payout to someone, it’s super easy to just open this check template file in any processing program, add your text, save it, and then send it to your local printer.  A giant novelty check really adds some punch to a presentation.

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