Portfolio Update: Father’s Day

Back I April, I featured some of my new Mother’s Day images that were shot exclusively for Stocksy, my current favorite royalty free stock image partner.  Well, you can’t have a mother, without having a father as well, at least in some sense.  So today, we’re looking at a new series of Father’s Day images, and a couple of older ones as well.

My new images feature a Caucasian Dad with several children in a variety of situations.  Every Dad wants their kids, especially their daughter, to know how to check the oil in the car, right?  Self-sufficiency.  Got that covered, from several different angles.  I also set up “pushing on the swing”, as one of the ultimate dad-child activities.  The joy that comes from whizzing through the air on a swing just stands out on a kid’s face.  I still get to push my younger one, so I consider myself lucky.  There’s also some bike riding images, as well as some camping prep shots.  My favorites are the Father’s Day card images as they show the creativity in the heart of the child.

father pushing kid on swing stock photo

girl with father's day card

father teaches girl to check oil stock photo

In this Father’s Day gallery, you’ll also some images from other series that would work great for Father’s Day advertising or articles.  Like graduation day, a picnic in the park, or just napping with the baby.

dad and child in park stock photo

father and baby napping stock photo

dad with graduate stock photo

Thanks for looking, check out my gallery here, and congrats to all my fellow dads!

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