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Extended Licenses at Stocksy

Good Monday morning to you!  Let’s talk licensing today.  As I’ve discussed before, when you go to a stock photo agency and make a purchase, what you are really doing is buying a set of rights to use the image you’re interested in.  The image data is part of the package, sure, but the rights you purchase are what let you use the content without getting into trouble with the copyright holder.  So make sure you are purchasing the rights […]

Portfolio Update: At the Gym

Today I continue in my series of Portfolio Updates by featuring my new series “At The Gym”, which is available exclusively at Stocksy United.  Now, I know it is more Back-To-School time right now, then Back-In-Shape time, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten into a fitness facility to shoot, so I wasn’t about to hold onto these until New Year’s.

Looking For Local Business Photo Locations

For my stock photo portfolio over at Stocksy United, I’m always looking for interesting and new locations to shoot in.  Currently, I’m looking for businesses in the St. Louis/St. Charles area that might be interested in allowing me to come in to their environment and shoot some photos, in return for either cash for the location and participants, or a trade for use of some of the imagery for their business.

You’ve Been Accepted … To Hogwarts

I’m a big Harry Potter fan.  Read all the books several times.  Can quote you lines from the movies.  Favorite theme park beverage is pumpkin juice from Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter (although I can’t talk myself into $6 a bottle via mail order).  As Hagrid says “It’s not every day your young (wo)man turns eleven, now”, so when my daughter turned eleven recently, I made sure she received her Hogwart’s Acceptance Letter. The template for that letter […]

Half the Price Forever, Really?

iStockphoto came out with some new advertising today, and unfortunately, most of it is misleading, and confusing to buyers.  Let’s take a quick look at some marketing claims.

Buyers Happy to Hear About Stocksy United

The word about Stocksy United is spreading, and I’m happy to help that along.  I don’t spend much time on Twitter, but I do occasionally search for people having problems with finding stock images to offer them a possible solution.  The complaints are about such things as complicated pricing, or “credit” issues, or user interface problems.  I’ve screen captured a few relevant tweets below to show the positive response to Stocksy.

Portfolio Update: Girls’ Ballet Class

We’re in July now, and that means, at least in the USA, that we are heading towards the start of the school year.  Of course, that means buyers will have a need for traditional “Back To School” images, but other extra-curricular activities start up at the same time.  Sports, scouts, and even dance classes.  I’ve got stock images that cover all those activities, but today I’m showcasing the last one listed – “The Dance Class“.

More Images Back Online

As I continue to work to get my full catalog of stock images back online, I wanted to highlight some more of my recent additions to my personal Photoshelter stock site.  You can also find a selection of these at my various distributors, like GL Stock Images, Depositphotos and Pond5.  First though, how about we save some money with a new coupon code?

Stocksy United Adds Paypal Payment Option

If you are looking for no-hassle, no credits image licensing, the shopping cart and payment system at Stocksy United is already fast and easy to use.  You can already pay for your image licenses with a credit card, quick and simple.  If you are a corporate client, support can also set you up with custom invoicing to suit your needs.  Today’s news is that you can now pay via your Paypal account as well.

Buyer Beware the Bait and Switch

Amidst the other changes announced and unveiled last week, iStockphoto also introduced some pricing changes to the new “Main” collection.  However, buyers who are drawn in by this news may find it costs them more than expected.

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