Portfolio Update: Girls’ Ballet Class

We’re in July now, and that means, at least in the USA, that we are heading towards the start of the school year.  Of course, that means buyers will have a need for traditional “Back To School” images, but other extra-curricular activities start up at the same time.  Sports, scouts, and even dance classes.  I’ve got stock images that cover all those activities, but today I’m showcasing the last one listed – “The Dance Class“.

This new royalty free stock photo series is available exclusively at Stocksy United, the new small, but growing photographer owned stock agency.  The images are from a young girls’ ballet class.  The students are in traditional simple black leotard and tights.  The series has the look of being shot with all natural environment lighting, but it was actually accentuated with strobes as well.  I’ve shot the series in a way that both highlights the students, and uses them anonymously, so that the “students” could be of any age, child to adult.  The class involves a teacher of Mediterranean descent instructing the students on posture and technique.  There are a variety of compositions and angles, many images with an abundance of copyspace for easy ad copy drop in.

The kids are having fun, and learning as well.  These photos don’t only have to be used to literally illustrate a ballet or dance class.  They could be used to show dedication, grace, beauty, etc.  Thanks for stopping by today, and click here to see the entire series on Stocksy!  (Don’t forget discount code SLOCKE2013 for 20% off)

stock photo ballet student stretching

stock photo ballet dancer's feet

stock photo ballet teacher and dancer

stock photo ballet student putting on slippers

stock photo ballet students at barre

2 thoughts on Portfolio Update: Girls’ Ballet Class

  1. what is type of project would you have each individual sign a model release or would you work something out with the studio owner?

    • Yes, each individual signed a release, and the studio owner was compensated. This was actually a “class” set up for the shoot.

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