Buyers Happy to Hear About Stocksy United

The word about Stocksy United is spreading, and I’m happy to help that along.  I don’t spend much time on Twitter, but I do occasionally search for people having problems with finding stock images to offer them a possible solution.  The complaints are about such things as complicated pricing, or “credit” issues, or user interface problems.  I’ve screen captured a few relevant tweets below to show the positive response to Stocksy.

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In this first tweet, the designer has issues with the tiny thumbnails available on other stock photo agencies, and appreciates my stepping in to help 😉 .

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Designer: Great job, iStockphoto.  Smaller thumbnails is just what you needed.
Sean: Next time try out #stocksy for big thumbs and huge comps to impress clients …
Designer: @sjlocke ha – nice gorilla marketing. I’ve been checking stocksy first lately 🙂

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Here, a designer laments the amount of time they have to spend browsing through bad photos to find the one they need.

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Designer: The thing they don’t tell you about being a graphic designer is that you’ll spend about 90% of your time leafing through bad stock photos.
Sean: Here’s a few reasons to give #stocksy a try …
Designer: Awesome.  Thanks a lot!

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Many designers express frustration at the “credit” system other sites use.  “Credits” are a great way to disassociate the real cost of the image from what you think it costs.  Dollar price per credit and credit price per image can also be adjusted independently, which makes things even more confusing and chaotic.

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Designer: So my once a year need for iStockphoto credits is here again.  I don’t want to spend $50 on the minimum 30 credits when I only need 4.
Sean: Skip the credit two step and try out #stocksy for images. No credits to deal with and great images! …
Designer: @sjlocke Thanks, will try.

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By the way, the issue of how much an image really costs was detailed last week on another blog, here .

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This one, I just thought was great.  The designer really likes the work that is showing up on Stocksy.  Proof that it’s a great mix of artsy and commercial imagery.

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Designer: When @StocksyUnited don’t have the artwork I need, I buy a stock image from elsewhere and shed a #stocksy tear. I’d rather buy art any day.

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Unfortunately, one thing I can’t help with, that a lot of buyers are unhappy with, is that their “credits” on the other sites expire.  This is another reason an agency will love credits.  When they “expire”, the agency keeps the whole purchase price for their coffers and doesn’t have to share it with the contributors.  Two solutions would be to refund the buyer the purchase price of the credits, or have non-expiring credits, but neither of those seem likely.

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Designer: Dang, I let some credits expire on @istock 🙁


Designer: Not awesome that my purchased @istockphoto credits expire after suchs a short time #fail


Designer: istockphoto credits can expire? #sneaky #racket


Designer: @istock why make them expire at all?
Designer: I think it’s shady that @istock credits expire.
Designer: @istock: Hey, you never got back to me about letting my credits expire without warning. You’re not willing to help?
Designer: #istock suck. This morning I had 108 credits. after I send a complaint that credits expire, I have 0.
Designer: 108 iStockphoto credits to expire today for no reason other than istock prefer to be *** than not
Designer: So, FYI, iStock credits expire.  I didn’t know this when I bought them with a coupon, to use for blogs in perpetuity.
Designer: I’m still mad my @istock credits are gone. They didn’t expire. @istock, you murdered them.


Last, another tweet that I can’t help with, but something I see pop up pretty often.

Designer: @istock – prices have gone through the roof. Each time we buy, the price has gone up. Time to look elsewhere.  Suggestions please?


Of course, I was more than happy to direct the buyer to Stocksy, where the pricing is stable, simple, and reasonable.  I hope you take the time to head over there and browse a bit, to see the great work all the contributors have put up.  Oh, don’t forget coupon code SLOCKE2013 for 20% off!  Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on Buyers Happy to Hear About Stocksy United

  1. I’m getting a really really positive response from clients using the new Stocksy work in my spreads. 🙂 Stocksy’s good for designers, photogs and clients. 😀 Win win win! Great to see this feedback Sean, thanks for sharing!

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