Looking For Local Business Photo Locations

For my stock photo portfolio over at Stocksy United, I’m always looking for interesting and new locations to shoot in.  Currently, I’m looking for businesses in the St. Louis/St. Charles area that might be interested in allowing me to come in to their environment and shoot some photos, in return for either cash for the location and participants, or a trade for use of some of the imagery for their business.

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I’ve used local businesses before of course, for example, in my BBQ restaurant or Garden Center stock shoots.  In these, I’ve brought in models to interact with the environment, in the “front of house” area, where the customers would be.

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What I am looking for in this new series, is to get behind the scenes, and actually have the employees play themselves, illustrating what the business is about.  For example:

  • A glass blower in the workshop creating a vase
  • Pizza chef in the kitchen tossing a pie
  • Auto repair guys pulling out an engine
  • Internet design firm hipsters laying out a website on a board
  • Cabinet maker staining shelving
  • Florist creating artistic bouquets
  • Short order cooks frying up burgers on the grill
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And so on.  Really any kind of artistic, hands-on, business.

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Now, this needs to be a locally owned business, where I can deal directly with the owner. Session will likely be between 1-2 hours and the owner will get $100 rental fee, or a set of images they can use to promote the business. This needs to be in the St. Louis/St. Charles area only.  As described, I would like to use the actual workers for the location.  They will need to sign a model release and will receive a cash payment of $50.  If it is a location like a diner, where there would be customers, I can bring in models to play the customers.  I’m really going for realism though, so the more eclectic and interesting a location, and the more willing the participants, the better.

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Here’s a great shot from another shooter on Stocksy that illustrates what I’m looking for:

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If interested, respond via my contact form with your information, and a few shots of the workplace and people there. I will be collecting information over the next week or two, and will be in touch if interested.

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Also, I am looking for a cool, modern loft office space, furnished, that I can rent for a few hours for a business related shoot.  One of those rehabbed brick spaces with exposed ducts, and big windows.  Very modern.  If you know of anything like that, also use the contact form to let me know.

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