Portfolio Update: At the Gym

Today I continue in my series of Portfolio Updates by featuring my new series “At The Gym”, which is available exclusively at Stocksy United.  Now, I know it is more Back-To-School time right now, then Back-In-Shape time, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten into a fitness facility to shoot, so I wasn’t about to hold onto these until New Year’s.

This new series features a multi-ethnic group of models working out in various areas of a gym or fitness center.  The Caucasian and African-American models play both the gym patrons and instructors/trainers.  As you can see, we moved around quite a bit while shooting, which was a bit tough to squeeze into my three hour stock session.  We started in the Cardio area, using the treadmills and stationary bikes.  Then we hit the free weight area for some strength training.  Next, we were in the yoga/aerobic workout room doing planking and situps.  Last, we hit the basketball court for some friendly two on two.

The models were aged from early twenties to late forties, so we had a nice variety of ages covered for this one.  I’ve also added quite a few new faces to my stock shoots recently, and I think buyers will appreciate the additions.  This series looks like real people out there working out, and not your typical “perfect” stock model group.  We’re going for “authentic” here, people 🙂 .

So, enjoy the preview down below, and then head over to Stocksy to see the whole series.  License them today, and use code SLOCKE2013 to get 20% off.  Thanks!

stock photo men playing basketball

stock photo woman lifting dumbbells

stock photo people on treadmills

stock photo women in yoga class

stock photo lifting a dumbbells

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