Portfolio Update: Sushi Restaurant

Most of my new royalty free stock image work has been going to my portfolio at Stocksy United.  One of the things Stocksy has been asking for is authentic people and locations.  They also asked for sushi images.  So, I recently put together a shoot combining all these requests, and have this new series available – “At the Sushi Restaurant”.

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This new series features a multi-ethnic group of models out for a meal at the local Japanese restaurant.  This great location has modern decor, but it is still themed to the cuisine.  The models are regular people, and are set up in different groups, eating and having fun, representing business people, a group of friends, a date night couple, etc.   There are a variety of dishes in the images as well.  Shrimp tempura, grilled salmon, a bowl of the freshest sashimi, and a variety of rolls, including a Caterpillar Roll, with eyes on it!  We also had soup and sake, so there’s a whole range of dining here.

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The composition varies, concentrating either on the people, or the food.  Some are close up, filling the image space with the delicious tuna sashimi and prepared rolls.  Some have lots of copyspace to make it easy to drop in your text for an ad.  There’s even an authentic Japanese sushi chef in some of these shots.

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This was a fun shoot, and the models had a great time trying out the different dishes during the shoot and afterward.  There were even a few plates that didn’t make it into the session that I wrapped up, took home, and we had for dinner.

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I’m very happy to present this series to you.  Here’s a small preview, and you can see the rest in my Stocksy United portfolio.  Thanks!

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stock photo - friends eating sushi

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stock photo - server holding sushi roll

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stock photo: chef prepares sushi roll

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stock photo: friends toast with sake

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stock photo: chef gives sushi to customer

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