From the monthly archives: September 2013

More Halloween images!  Yep, I’m on an Autumn kick this year, and I’m pumping up my royalty free stock image portfolio at Stocksy with new holiday imagery.  This week, I’m showcasing a family carving pumpkins for Halloween.

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Over at iStock – the new name iStockphoto’s parent Getty Images has put upon it – each month contributors chime in to a thread to report how sales have been going.  Years ago, the monthly thread was exciting.  It was great to see the boats rising with the tide.  We all reported “BME”s to each […]

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Stocksy Adds Multi-Seat License

On September 18, 2013 By

When you license imagery for design use, do you do an in-depth read of the license terms and restrictions?  Did you realize most Royalty Free agreements restrict the buyer to keeping the content available at one location only?  This is known as “single seat” licensing.   The content can be moved from one designer to […]

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Portfolio Update: Boo To You!

On September 16, 2013 By

Disney fans may recognize that bit in the title of today’s post as a reference to the name of the Halloween themed parade they put on at the Magic Kingdom during “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party“.    One of my favorite events they do in Orlando.  That leads up to today’s portfolio update: […]

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Home Theater Set Up

On September 6, 2013 By

Last week, at Stocksy United, there was a buyer request to support for some images of people watching television or movies.  I think it’s great that buyers and designers can get right in and talk with management to let them know what they are looking for in the collection.  Back on topic, I thought […]

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