Stocksy Adds Multi-Seat License

When you license imagery for design use, do you do an in-depth read of the license terms and restrictions?  Did you realize most Royalty Free agreements restrict the buyer to keeping the content available at one location only?  This is known as “single seat” licensing.   The content can be moved from one designer to another, but it is not supposed to be on a network, or otherwise available to multiple people at the same time.  The “Multi-Seat Extended License” solves that issue.

To some buyers, this is not an issue.  Either they are one person shops, they move the content from computer to computer as needed, or they just ignore the restriction.  Most buyers, including those at larger companies, however, do take special care to follow the license to the letter, so as to reduce the risk of legal issues.  It was for these buyers that Stocksy United added the new “multi-seat” extended license this week.


As I mentioned previously, the regular RF license is a “single seat” license.  The existing extended licenses (shown above) all included terminology for multi-seat use as a free bonus with the purchase of the EL.  However, some buyers were requesting the opportunity to gain multi-seat licensing by itself.  The new license is $100 in addition to the cost of the regular license at differing sizes.  Choosing the multi-seat option updates the prices accordingly.

Also new recently, are some UI additions that make it easier to “like” and “lightbox” images.  Stocksy is still adding useful functionality like this where it is needed.  Below, you can see that mousing over an image in the search return brings up and overlay with like, purchase and lightbox icons, as well as the artist’s name.


Another great service is available to large businesses who are willing to establish a relationship with Stocksy.  You know the sample comp images at Stocksy are huge.


They are lightly watermarked which makes them great for working into designs to get client approval.  However, large businesses may find themselves needing temporary use of non-watermarked full size images for approval purposes.  Businesses with established relationships have access to full size, non-watermarked images for free temporary comp usage.  Please contact support at Stocksy to see if this is available in your situation.

That’s the news for today.  As always, thanks for reading 🙂 .

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