Monthly Archives: October 2013

Early Holiday Stock Photo Sale

Halloween is almost here!  That means Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Then the winter holidays, like Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.  Advertising designers are in full swing right now.  Budgets are tight, so I’m going to give you an early holiday gift!  You’ll have to read down to get it though – so first, a look at my recent additions to my online stock image portfolio for the holidays. xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without […]

Portfolio Update: At the Market

Today’s portfolio update features a shoot that, once again, was a client request to the Stocksy United contributors.  I love when buyers let us know they are looking for something specific, as it really helps us to hit the mark.  Of course, it’s best when the topic has a wide appeal as well – you don’t want to head out and do a shoot that is too “niche” – it won’t pay off.  However, the theme of “Grocery Shopping” always […]

Steering the Ship

It’s an exciting time for contributing photographers at Stocksy United, the new co-op stock image agency.  Lots of positive news coming from the press, like the announcement that Stocksy projects to be profitable in Mid-November.  An amazing feat, considering it just opened in March!  Also all the articles about why the agency was founded and it’s paradigm.  Reasons like disappointment in how other businesses were operating, and a challenge to bring a positive vibe back to stock photography.  However, behind […]

Portfolio Update: Home Theater Fun

A few weeks ago here on the blog, I detailed a little “behind the scenes” of the “watching television at home” stock photo session that I did in response to a buyer request at Stocksy United.  Today, I wanted to feature a few of my favorites from that series, as the entire series is now online.  That’s not to say that if a buyer needs an image in a different orientation, that it doesn’t exist (contact me directly to check).  […]

Lighting Reflective Surfaces

I’m a member of a new photo agency, where image requests from clients are posted, and contributors who have the content in their library already can post what they have for the client to peruse.  If you have the time, you can also create new content for the request, with the knowledge that there’s a chance it won’t be selected.  So, it’s good to only do this on themes where there’s a sales possibility elsewhere for the content.  This week […]

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