Portfolio Update: Home Theater Fun

A few weeks ago here on the blog, I detailed a little “behind the scenes” of the “watching television at home” stock photo session that I did in response to a buyer request at Stocksy United.  Today, I wanted to feature a few of my favorites from that series, as the entire series is now online.  That’s not to say that if a buyer needs an image in a different orientation, that it doesn’t exist (contact me directly to check).  Just that flooding an agency with numerous similar images creates a frustrating experience for someone searching, as they have to spend more time going through things they’ve seen before.

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I think this series is really useful.  It can do double duty as material for an advertising design, or as content to accompany an editorial piece.  The Caucasian models are featured individually, and together as a couple, watching television in various poses.  Emphasis/focus is put on the television in some, the remote control in others, and the people as well.  The televisions and remote are necessarily generic, as is needed for stock photography, but there is original content on the television from my own collection.  However, it is easy to replace in photoshop, or as a buyer, you can contact me for a version without the image.

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There are two set-ups in this series.  One is more of a living room/family room setup.  The wall unit containing the LCD television is white, but not blindingly so.  The furniture is comfy and casual.  The popcorn is fresh 🙂 .  The television is a 40 inch model – not outrageously large.  The second setup is a home theater.  Again, the wall unit is white, but the lighting is dim and colored, for appropriate viewing in a home theater.  Also, there is cool LED lighting behind the 60 inch LCD set and around the ceiling.  The seats are reclining home theater chairs.

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I hope you like this series and find it useful for your designs.  Click here to view the whole thing.  Don’t forget code SLOCKE2013 at Stocksy to get 20% off your first purchase.

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stock photo: holding remote control and popcorn

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stock photo: eating pizza and watching tv

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stock photo: holding a television remote

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stock photo: watching scary movie

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stock photo: home theater television

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