Portfolio Update: At the Market

Today’s portfolio update features a shoot that, once again, was a client request to the Stocksy United contributors.  I love when buyers let us know they are looking for something specific, as it really helps us to hit the mark.  Of course, it’s best when the topic has a wide appeal as well – you don’t want to head out and do a shoot that is too “niche” – it won’t pay off.  However, the theme of “Grocery Shopping” always has an audience in stock photography.

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The location of this stock session was not a mega-grocery store, but a small, modern farm market.  However, the images are composed so that the location comes across both ways – it can be a cozy, local produce center, or a larger supermarket.  I’ve got a great group of multi-ethnic models here – Caucasian, African-American, and Indian-American, as well as a variety of ages, from 5 months to early 50’s.

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The series can be used for themes such as “healthy eating”, “organic markets” or just everyday life.  The images are colorful, yet not over-saturated or fake.  A variety of compositions and orientations allows for flexibility when choosing for you design, however, the XL sized images can always be cropped to fit your needs.

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You can find the series in my Stocksy Portfolio, and there are still more to come.  Thanks for looking!

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stock photo: onions and carrots

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stock photo: friends in market

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stock photo: market employee

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stock photo: using cloth bags at market

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stock photo: cashier waiting

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3 thoughts on Portfolio Update: At the Market

    • Thanks. Well, the whole thing was kind of squirrel-ly. I had one strobe near the front of the store throwing light into and off of the ceiling. Another doing the same thing way off to the side. The whole place was very dark that morning, so I had to bring the ambient up. Then I used to strobes with umbrellas close in to get the highlights going so things weren’t too flat…

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