Portfolio Update: Happy Holidays Backgrounds

Time really flies this time of year.  I’ve been really busy working on new holiday stock imagery that I’ve neglected my blog posting here a bit.  I’ll remedy that slightly today, with an update on the new series that I’ve put up on Stocksy – “Holiday Backgrounds” for Christmas, Hanukkah and just generic “Happy Holidays”.

It seems like there’s a trend in my sales lately for non-people imagery.  Seems like you buyers are wanting more images that allow your designs to take the center stage, with the image being more of a background.  Full faces or body shots of people can tend to grab the viewers’ eyes away from the advertising message, so I can understand the desire for some clean background imagery.  Maybe it includes a hand, or just a smile, or the hint of a person, or maybe no people presence at all.

This new series fits into the latter category.  I’ve created two new “sets” if you will.  One emulates a hallway or wall in a house with traditional beadboard and a chair rail.  I’ve set the lighting specifically to be uneven, as if there were a window or door to the side, letting in sunlight.  I really like the way the set turned out.  I’ve created handmade signs for “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hanukkah”, “Happy Holidays” and “Happy New Year”, that hang from the rail with glowing lights above, and garland or tinsel to make it festive.    The signs are shot with lots of copyspace, but are also part of larger shots, with a Christmas tree decorated with twine and knitted balls, for example.  Or with a menorah filled with lit candles.  Or lines of hanging brass bells or Christmas ornaments.  Actually, some of favorites are Santa’s coat and hat hanging from a coat rack on the wall.  Guess he decided to stop and take a break!

The other set is one of my wooden “table” surfaces.  This one has a white base, but is weathered with brown stain and black paint.  It’s been really roughed up, but gives a lighter look than some of my other similar set ups.  I’ve added items like candy canes to make patterned backgrounds.  Or borders of Christmas lights and garland.  I also used it with dreidels in motion to make some bright Hanukkah images.  I have simple gifts wrapped with red paper with jute twine as a “ribbon” to give that crafty, handmade feel that is so popular today.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoy this new series and find it useful.  Check back in a few days to see even more images in the series as there are still many waiting to be inspected. (Click here to see the series)  Have a great weekend!

stock photo: candy cane background

stock photo: santa's suit on a rack

stock photo: happy holidays sign

stock photo: knitted stocking for christmas

stock photo: happy hanukkah

stock photo: christmas gift

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