The Year 2013

2013 was certainly an interesting year for my stock photography business.  A short recap, and then a favorite image from each month!

The year started out like any other with stock photo sessions being scheduled and images being uploaded.  Of course, everything changed when iStockphoto and Getty pulled a fast one on contributors by making a sweetheart deal with Google, essentially giving away thousands of images for free distribution.  That situation and some other perceived, yet unacknowledged, slights, caused certain people in the Getty machine to feel threatened by yours truly, and they terminated my nine year association with iStockphoto.  Luckily, at the same time, the creator of iStockphoto, was just about to unveil a new stock photo agency.  One that was built around the idea of a co-op, where contributors receive a fair royalty and share in the profits.  That opened at the end of March, and I was happy to be a founding photographer at Stocksy United.  Over the months since I became an independent contributor, I’ve spent lots of time adding meta-data to my portfolio of images.  This allowed me to quickly upload them to my personal Photoshelter image library, as well as stock agencies like Graphic Leftovers and Pond5.  All the while, I have been creating new image series (some seen below) for licensing on Stocksy.  The year ended with my fellow contributors electing me as one of two Directors representing them on the Board at Stocksy.  So, all in all, an thoroughly interesting year, to say the least.

To all my fellow contributors and current buyers – thank you very much for your support and concerns!  Hope you have a prosperous 2014, whatever “prosperous” may mean to you.

Now, allow me to showcase one image from a shoot from each month this past year.

January 2013: My chosen image has to be one from one of my most costly stock photo sessions, where I actually rented out an airport.  Click to see entire shoot.

stock photo: airport baggage claim

February 2013: Love this series with this cute baby and her parents.  As is par for the course for me, these great models soon moved out of state.  Click to see series.

stock photo: baby with parents

March 2013: Nom, nom – who doesn’t love barbeque?  A great set of models made this restaurant shoot extra useful, plus the atmosphere was awesome.  Click to see series.

April 2013: Celebrated Moms everywhere with this series for Mother’s Day.  Click to see series.

stock photo: mom cupcakes

May 2013: Trying to get into the Stocksy aesthetic of “real” locations, I scheduled a session at a local nursery.  Again, great models add to the authenticity!  Click to see series.

stock photo: at the plant nursery

June 2013: This month was a toss up between an image from my Patriotic Parade series and my Ballet Class shoot.  This image from the ballet class always jumps out at me.  Click to see series.

stock photo: ballet class feet

July 2013: Another super fun restaurant shoot, this time, at the Sushi Bar.  And I took the leftovers for dinner 🙂 . Click to see series.

stock photo: sushi bar

August 2013: This “Watching TV” series was done on request for a Stocksy buyer.  I think the colors in it turned out really nice.  Click to see series.

stock photo: watching television

September 2013: I really started cranking out fall themed series this month.  This one, however, is from another buyer request.  It’s set in a real produce market.  Click to see series.

stock photo: market cashier

October 2013: One from a new autumn holiday themed series.  This model is adorable, and the pumpkin patch screams seasonality!  Click to see series.

stock photo: choosing pumpkin

November 2013: Nothing says November like Thanksgiving (American), and this shoot featuring roasted turkey (and anonymous models) really turned out great.  Click to see series.

stock photo: woman with thanksgiving turkey

December 2013: I wrapped up the year with this series.  There’s more to come from “The Lawyer’s Office”, but here’s a preview.  Click to see series.

stock photo: lawyer using tablet

Again, thanks for your support, and best to you for 2014.  By the way, if you read this far, here’s your reward.  Use discount coupon code END2013 to get 35% off a minimum licensing purchase of $10 at my personal Photoshelter portfolio.  I’ve just added some Valentine images in there, so stop by and browse!  This expires at midnight tonight.

6 thoughts on The Year 2013

  1. Way to go Sean, your latest work is rich with color expression and wonder. May 2014 be an excellent year.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I hope your 2013 was a good one, if not really interesting / eye opening. Would you care to share how you feel things are moving along in terms of sales? Sustainability?

  3. I followed your journey for many years on istock. I’ve always loved your work, style, lighting and behind the scenes. I truly admire you. I wish you the best for 2014

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