Monthly Archives: January 2014

Portfolio Update: Valentine Crafts

Last week, I showcased a new image series for Valentine’s Day that is hosted at Stocksy United.  Well, continuing on my holiday kick from the last few months, I’ve got another brand new series up for Valentine’s Day, this one featuring a group of cute little girls making crafts. xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy ambien online without prescription valium online without prescription buy xanax […]

Portfolio Update: Love is in the Air

I like January.  I mean it isn’t my favorite month of the year, but I like the holiday wind down.  Cleaning up, putting away, fresh start and all that.  It also means it’s about a month away from my birthday (2/15), but more importantly for you advertising designers, Valentine’s Day!  A time of year to bring out the teddy bears, heart shaped boxes of candy, and diamond necklaces.  Today, I’ve got a new series online at Stocksy United to help […]

Portfolio Update: Working From Home

Stock image buyers who shop at Stocksy United – if you ever can’t find a certain subject, get in touch with Support.  They’ll let us know, and we’ll try to fill in the collection.  For instance, this new series was a buyer request – “people using technology to work from home, indoors and outdoors”.

Now Licensing Through Shutterstock

My portfolio of stock images can be found on quite a few sites, listed on this page.  Starting today, you can now also license a selection of my work at Shutterstock, which adds another royalty free agency to the list.

iStockphoto Raises Prices

As many rang in the new year, iStockphoto took the opportunity to raise the “credits per image” pricing on its Signature, Signature+ and Vetta collections.  As well, the buyer got a double hit with an increase a month or so  ago in the “cost per credit” they are paying!

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