iStockphoto Raises Prices

As many rang in the new year, iStockphoto took the opportunity to raise the “credits per image” pricing on its Signature, Signature+ and Vetta collections.  As well, the buyer got a double hit with an increase a month or so  ago in the “cost per credit” they are paying!

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New “credits per image” pricing

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M:  13–>15
L:   17–>20
XL: 20–>25
XXL: 25–>28
XXXL: 28–>30

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M+:  33–>35
L+:   40–>40 (unchanged)
XL+: 45–>50
XXL+: 50–>55
XXXL+: 55–>60

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It looks like Vetta pricing has gone up as well.  The last record I can find is from June of 2012:

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S:  35–>45
M:  55–>70
L:   75–>75 (unchanged)
XL: 105–>110
XXL: 135–>160
XXXL: 160–>170

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New “cost per credit” pricing

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The first image is the old pricing, the second, the new:

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Also, as you can see, they added a “10 credit” pack back into the mix, presumably to hide the increase by lowering the minimum investment.  I believe this is the first time credits have hit the $2.00 mark!  From my research, this credit price increase happened quietly some time during October or November 2013.

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Previously, if you wanted to license an XXL Signature image, your cost would be $41.75 with 5 credits left over for next time.  Now, it will run you $51.24 with 2 credits leftover.  Congratulations!  You just got hit with a %20 pricing increase!

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So, if you budgeted at the old pricing, be sure to warn your clients of the new cost.  Next time, avoid the surprises by licensing stock photos at Stocksy United.  One pricing level for all images.

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8 thoughts on iStockphoto Raises Prices

  1. Sorry, Sean, perhaps my post was not clear. Those prices you have marked as Vetta (which surely do seem high enough for Vetta) are for the Signature+ collection, not the Vetta collection. Vetta prices are much higher. Since I don’t keep track of them, I didn’t know what the old prices were, so I didn’t post the new prices, either.

  2. We used to be big fans of – they were so affordable to us an our clients. Not so much now…

    Anyone know of a less expensive alternative for quality images?


    • Charles, if you think the cost of purchasing stock photography is too expensive, you should try producing it. David Stuart

    • We’ve switched to fotolia. $1 – $2 for a small image compared to $20 at istock. Getty completely ruined them from a buyer’s perspective.

  3. iStockPhoto raised their prices again this year with a pricing switch to obscure what was happening. Glad to have the recommendation on Fotolia. Also sad to see the prices of old. Cheers.

  4. I have been a loyal purchaser of istockphoto image licenses since 2006. I went to purchase more credits today and I could not believe my eyes how much they now charge. Given my existing few credits have been changed mid Sept 2014 I assume that’s when their most recent price hike has come into play. I don’t want to be forced into paying for large image licenses when I only ever need small images with what was small image pricing – so after 8-years of being a customer I have now given up and will make my purchases elsewhere at sensible pricing.

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