Now Licensing Through Shutterstock

My portfolio of stock images can be found on quite a few sites, listed on this page.  Starting today, you can now also license a selection of my work at Shutterstock, which adds another royalty free agency to the list.

In the past, I’ve been a bit leery and somewhat apprehensive about licensing work through an agency that offers work to buyers through a subscription plan.  I’ve stated my objections and concerns in the past.  Being an independent contributor (one who isn’t tied to a specific agency) now, I have to take the time to evaluate each opportunity on its own merits.  I’ve opened a portfolio at Shutterstock, to allow me to gain some first hand knowledge on the experience at such an agency, so as to make an informed decision on the Shutterstock method of licensing.  As well, I have received some advice from fellow contributors with anecdotal evidence that the average return per download is rising, which tells me that buyers may be starting to value the content more, which was one of my initial concerns.

Anyhow, as an independent contributor now, I am free to submit and remove work as I see necessary, so I will be watching closely how this experiment goes.  The initial contributions will come primarily from my earlier stock photo work. For buyers who were not able to license through one of my other agencies, due to your company policy, or budgeting, or whatever, I once again offer you my Shutterstock portfolio.

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