Portfolio Update: Working From Home

Stock image buyers who shop at Stocksy United – if you ever can’t find a certain subject, get in touch with Support.  They’ll let us know, and we’ll try to fill in the collection.  For instance, this new series was a buyer request – “people using technology to work from home, indoors and outdoors”.

I have a relative with a sort of “retro”-ish back deck area, that is surrounded by trees, almost a forest.  I thought using this natural area would be a great contrast to the “harshness” of technology, like the laptop, digital tablet, and bluetooth headset I was going to incorporate.  More people these days are telecommuting and working from home, and I assume many of them would take advantage of a nice day to work outside.  I can’t, personally, because I need a darkened room for my image processing to ensure properly observed colors.

A somewhat related story I just thought of.  Back when I was working in Florida at Disney Animation, they built us a huge building, designed after the classic Animation studio lot in California.  You might have seen some of that in “Saving Mr. Banks” recently.  Lots of windows to let the light in.  Unfortunately, one of the digital departments, the Look Development team, got stuck in this one area that was surrounded by windows.  They needed a dark environment as well to ensure they were seeing the correct colors on their monitors.  So all those windows and views of the Disney-MGM park had to be covered up with black material to keep the light out!  Here’s a look at the front of the building – you can see the windows in the top left that go all around the office areas.


Anyways, the models for this shoot did a great job, and I kept the Stocksy aesthetic in mind when shooting, trying to avoid any gratuitous cheese 😉 .   There are images of the models working individually, and also as a team.  Mostly natural light with a strobe for highlights, and some reflector work by my wife who stood on the roof to tone down some hotspots.   Here’s a few highlights from the session, and you can find the whole shoot here for licensing: Working From Home .  Thanks!

stock photo: working from home

stock photo: using digital tablet outside

stock photo: team working outside

stock photo: anonymous man holding laptop outside

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